• More information on art file types

  • Vector: Vector art is created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and is made up of lines defined by mathematical equations called vectors. This type of art is resolution independent. It can be scaled up or down in size without loss of quality.
    Text must be converted to outlines, paths, and curves before you save and submit your art.

    Raster: Raster art is created in programs like Adobe Photoshop or as scanned images / photos.
    The image consists of a grid or bitmap of square pixels. Raster images are set at a fixed resolution and therefore can not be scaled larger without loss of resolution.

    Files we can not use: Quark, Corel Draw, Word, Power Point, Excel, Publisher, Pagemaker, low resolution scanned images and InDesign files, unless exported to an .eps or .pdf format.

    VECTOR (Preferred)
    Adobe Illustrator /.ai
    Our preferred format, saved in its native .ai format

    Files created in Freehand, etc and saved in a generic .eps format

    200 DPI at 100% Imprint Size
    .tif, .jpeg, .bmp format

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