• WOWnow Presents our Double A Business Cards — Be different / Be professional!

    The first “A” is for AWESOME Graphics, and the second “A” is they are made of ALUMINUM!

    Business cards say much about an individual, their company, and the personality of both!!

    Awesome Graphics – “Double A” business cards incorporate the same exciting colors and superior resolution offered in our clothing. Our two-sided printing offers “messaging flexibility”.

    Aluminum – “Double A” business cards are produced from long lasting, durable aluminum measuring .008" thick. Thinner than traditional card stock, yet unquestionably stronger and have a substantial feel to them……a feeling of quality.

    “Double A” business cards impress every time – starting with the very first moment they are handed out to those who may become your most important customers and associates.

    Watch the recipient’s reaction each time you pass out your cards. Your business cards will become the focal point of the conversation, almost immediately. People are reluctant to put them down. Typical paper cards are normally unmemorable, unimpressive, and rarely help their presenters stand apart from their competitors.

    Let the power of our Aluminum, Two-Sided, Full-Color Business Cards work for you!
    Make an immediate impact on all of your prospects, customers, and business contacts by positioning you and your company above your competitors. These cards possess the same width and height as a credit card complete with rounded corners.

  • Reasonably priced — only $74 for a pack of 100 business cards.

  • This price includes shipment in 2 business days.

  • Order Today!

  • skip@getwownow.com

    Or call 203.318.6226 ext 701 with any questions.

    REQUIREMENTS: Please provide two separate files, one for each side of the card (front and rear). The actual card size is 2 1/8″ × 3 3/8" Please format all submitted art work to 2 1/4″ × 3 1/2". This allows for 1/16" to be cropped off each side in the case of full bleed colors while also providing for the rounded corners.
    If you desire the front and back to be identical designs, please specify that your single submitted file is “to be used on both sides”
    Please take care so your designs do not extend too close to the edge of the card and become cut off. Background colors/patterns need to extend to the full dimensions provided.